Chillbet is safe for all players 

All financial transactions should be carried out only in a sterile environment. It is for this purpose that casinos strive to provide their customers with as much security as possible. Chillbet is coping with the task.

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Today, the online casino itself is not a sign that can be trusted. Therefore, at the very beginning of the paperwork and the creation of the website, the company immediately thinks about which jurisdiction it will register its business in. They often choose the most popular island states, as they offer quite acceptable conditions and low prices for their services. 

Chill Bet has decided to get a gambling license from the Curacao international regulator. This is a small island country in which gambling has become the main source of income. Although this regulator is considered the main one among gamblers, it still allows them to protect casino customers. 

A license is not issued to everyone who asks for it. First, the regulator performs certain actions to find out how law-abiding the applicant company is. If everything is in order, the authorities proceed to check the slot machines. All slots on the site must be genuine. If it suddenly turns out that at least one of the slots is fake, the company will quickly lose its license. 

Casinos are also checked for compliance with the points set out in the contract. They must pay the money strictly on time, and all the specified transfer methods must be carried out following the general rules. Only when the office passes all the stages of verification, it receives the coveted permission. 

But even the license obtained is not universal. Yes, the license is recognized internationally and protects players from all over the world. But some countries set their conditions. On their territory, the site is under blockade if it has not received a special regional license. However, players playing Chillbet from such countries are fully protected. 

If you have any problems with the online casino, first of all, contact the support service. If you can’t get help here, you can write directly to the regulatory authority. You should state the situation and attach evidence that you tried to solve the problem with the online casino itself. If it turns out that the truth is on your side and that the company just wanted to deceive you, its license will be revoked. There have already been similar cases. 

🔸 Licence Curacao 
📄 Registration and verification From 18 years old 
💡 Registration forms By phone, social media, email 
🚩 Registration assistance 24/7 


How is protection provided? 

Before registering, it is important to read the «Terms and Conditions» page. It contains all the necessary information about everything that a person may need. In addition, the acquired knowledge can be immediately put into practice. If you comply with all the provisions of the contract, you will reduce the probability of blocking to zero. 

How to register at Chillbet? 

  1. Open the official website. 
  2. Click on the «Register» button. 
  3. Fill in the form. 
  4. Confirm email address and phone number.


Why is this important for casinos 

Security is the main characteristic of the casino that interests every player. After all, if your data can be stolen or deceived when withdrawing funds, then such a site no longer deserves attention. All other regalia and benefits will no longer make sense. 

At the same time, the casino not only maintains a high level of security but also tries to take care of the mental health of its players. Therefore, you can contact the support service at any time with a request to freeze the account. You can choose the period during which all financial transactions will be unavailable. You can also delete your account if you decide to end your career in sports betting or gambling. You can contact the support service via chat, social networks, or Chillbet email. 

Gambling can both enrich a person and take away quite a lot of money from him. No one knows exactly how things will turn out this time. Before deciding on the first deposit, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations.

How do I register with Chillbet?
Open the official Chillbet website. Click on the "Sign up" button. Choose how to open an account. Fill out a short form where you need to enter your date of birth, account currency and contact details. Confirm your phone number or email address.
Is it possible to register via social networks?
Chillbet offers to open a gaming account through a social media account on Google and Steam. Other popular messengers are not available for registration.
Is account verification required?
You will be asked to verify your identity the very first time you try to withdraw your funds. This is a prerequisite for opening the possibility of receiving winnings from Chillbet.
Are there any sign-up bonuses?
The registration bonus offered here is a spin of the wheel of fortune. It will also require a deposit of up to 5000 INR.