What are the bonuses in Chillbet?

Market participants should understand that the competition is too great, and in this cruel industry you simply cannot survive. To even the odds, various promotions and bonuses have been developed. It is these functions that help many bookmakers and casinos to start their activities.

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What are bonuses for? 

First, you need to understand why bonuses exist at all and why online casinos are ready to offer hundreds of dollars to their customers almost for free. In this case, however, it is worth thinking about what this business is. 

The casino itself makes money from the people playing in it. Betting on sports or spinning the reels is not so important. The main thing is to make deposits and use them constantly. However, sometimes customers need to be encouraged. 

Often players forget about new sites and return to those where they are just used to spending time better. This is where the deposit bonus can play an important role. Whether it’s up to 10%, but if the wagering requirements are very soft, this is the deciding factor. As a result, betting enthusiasts are more likely to study the line offered by the Chillbet website than its competitors. 

But bonuses are useful not only for casino owners but also for regular players. They can get almost free money by simply registering and making a small deposit. All they have to do is put the money they receive on the line. New casinos usually have very low betting requirements, as this allows them to attract even more potential active users. 

Well, after a beginner has already played Chill Bet several times and appreciated the level of the service offered, he can already think about staying here permanently. At the same time, the online casino offers the opportunity to play both the desktop and mobile versions. In addition, an application for Android smartphones was developed and released. 

🧧 Sign up bonus After a deposit has been made 
🎀 Voucher Receiving tickets after each deposit 
📣 Promotional codes Available online and from support 
💰 Withdrawal a bonus After wagering 

How to wager my Chillbet bonus?

  1. Get any bonus.
  2. Read the promotion terms and conditions. Pay special attention to the wager.
  3. Start betting or playing slots.
  4. Keep an eye on the total amount of bets; it must match the wager.
  5. When the promo conditions are met, you will open a withdrawal.


Register on the website 

All promotional offers are valid only for those users who have already become full-fledged Chillbet customers. To do this, you need to go through the registration procedure. If a site visitor has previously opened an account in other online casinos, it will not be difficult for him to deal with this process. 

How to register with Chillbet: 

  1. Open the official website of the company. There are several ways to do this. The most obvious option is chill.bet, but not all users have access to this domain. In this case, it is recommended to use mirrors or VPN servers to change the IP address. 
  2. There is a panel at the top of the screen. You can find it on any Chillbet page. Click on the «Register on the website» button. 
  3. A special window will open in front of the client. You must fill in all the empty fields and select the currency of your account. 
  4. Click on the «Create Account» button. 

That’s it, now you are officially a Chillbet customer. You can start playing, but you also need to make a deposit. Even with the first deposit, you can receive a small number of gifts from the casino. 

The advantage of Chillbet is that there are not only ordinary currencies here, which crypto enthusiasts call «fiat». The online casino tries to keep up with the times. You can also transfer your account to one of the many popular cryptocurrencies. Go to the deposit page. 



One of the first activities you can look forward to is getting coupons. They allow you to participate in the campaign at no additional cost. In this case, the client receives a certain number of tickets for each deposit. They allow you to ride a bike and compete for prizes. 

To find roulette in which you need to use coupons received from deposits, you need to open the Chillbet website. Then click on your avatar located between the transition block in the deposit section and the in-game chat button. Click on «My Bonuses». 

Open the page of the same name. Here you can already start spinning the wheel. You can get gift cards that are used to win gifts, both for deposits and for playing slots and betting. 

At the bottom of the form, you will find the number of tokens available. Start the game by clicking on the «Spin» button. The reel will start, after which you will only have to hope for winning the biggest prize. However, no special conditions apply to the wagering of the received gift. 


Promo codes 

Chillbet has another type of bonus that allows you to get free bets, spins on slots, or just a plus to your balance, which you can use as a whole. They are special combinations of numbers and letters. By activating it, you can get a prize without additional conditions. 

But where can I find this promotion? To do this, you need to be very careful and follow the updates on the Internet. The most popular way to get the code is through social networks. Chillbet itself actively maintains accounts on Telegram and Instagram. The community can also be found in Discord. 

Each client is recommended to subscribe to these means of communication. They not only constantly publish various news, but also unique offers that cannot be found anywhere else. You can also get technical support and resolve disputes via Telegram, Instagram, and Discord. 

Another way to get a Chillbet promo is to subscribe to various thematic channels on Twitch, YouTube, and various websites. All of them cooperate with various gaming companies. It should be remembered that Chillbet recently rebranded and began to pay much more attention to PR. This means that Chillbet will soon be mentioned on the websites of many influential people. 

One of the points of this cooperation is the offer of free bets or spins on slot machines. All you have to do is to be the first to enter the code in a special window on the application or website. If you are waiting for you to finally have such an opportunity, it is best to prepare and open the right page to immediately enter the information. 

Once you have found the promo code, you still need to figure out where to enter it:  

  1. Open the official Chillbet website. 
  2. Enter. 
  3. Open your locker and go to the «My bonuses» section. 
  4. There is a «Promo Code» block at the bottom of the screen. Here you need to enter a combination. 

After activation, Chillbet gifts will be credited to your account instantly. There are also no special requirements for bets. You can always contact the support service for more information. 

Some users may contact various authorities for help in solving such a problem. But if you carefully study the rules that apply to any bonus, you will immediately understand everything. The fact is that as soon as any of the available bonuses are credited to the client, the possibility of withdrawing winnings is closed for a certain period. 

In most establishments, this period is limited by the validity period of the promotion. For example, if the user has bonus funds in his account, he will not be able to withdraw winnings until they are completely cleared. In this case, the user has two options. Firstly, they can try to win back the bonus. However, sometimes it is extremely difficult, long, and boring. In this case, you can simply refuse to participate in the promotion. 

If you want to withdraw your bonus, you must send a written request to the support service. Even if you have already withdrawn some of the money from the bonus, your request will still be satisfied. However, first, the support service operator will ask you about the reasons for this decision. You can specify any of them, but it is best to provide the actual data. Then the Chillbet office will be able to improve current and future promotions. As a result, customers can enjoy a better service thanks to the information collected from players who have decided to put out of the bonus. 

So far, the Chillbet website does not offer as many promotions as some players would like. If you are one of those users who are looking for bonuses, you should wait. Perhaps after a while, the company will decide to expand the range of promotions to attract as much attention as possible.

What types of bonuses are available at Chillbet?
The main bonus at Chillbet is the Wheel of Fortune. It allows you to receive regular gifts from the site. The wager on your bonus is x1!
How do I get my bonus?
Make your first deposit to claim your bonus. Coupons for Wheel of Fortune are also issued when you continue to play casino or sports betting for real money.
Where can I use my bonus?
You can use the funds received from the bonus in any game on the Chillbet website. The wagering conditions will not change.
Do bonuses expire?
Chillbet does not give any conditions on how long you can use your bonuses. You should use them as soon as possible to earn another Wheel of Fortune bonus.